Author: Liv Erickson

It’s been an exciting few months since we first shared MemoryCache, a home for experimenting with local-first AI that learns what you learn. While we’ll be sharing more updates about what the team has been working on in the coming weeks by way of more regular development blogs, I wanted to share a podcast that I recently recorded with Schalk Neethling for the Mechanical Ink Podcast that goes in-depth about the principles behind MemoryCache.

Watch the video

In this podcast, we go into the motivations behind the project and how it was originally created, as well as the overall challenges that are presented with the growing creation of synthetic content and preserving authentic connections online in an area of unprecedented, generated personalization.

At it’s core, MemoryCache is a project exploring what it means to urgently, yet collaboratively, envision futures where AI technologies enable us to build a more authentic relationship with information and ourselves through small acts of insight and embracing friction as it presents novel outcomes.

More coming soon!