We’ve been continuing our work on MemoryCache over the past several weeks, and are excited to have our landing page up and running. The updated design for MemoryCache has been something we’ve been iterating on, and it’s been a fun process to talk about what sort of emotions we want to seed MemoryCache tools with. We’ve settled on an initial design style guide and have recently landed several contributions to enable a vanilla Firefox version of the extension.

Our team is working on MemoryCache as a sandbox for exploring concepts related to small, local, and patient AI. We’re a small project with big ambitions, and look forward to continuing down several areas of exploration in the coming weeks, including:

  • Building an app experience to automatically generate insights from newly added data, to act as a gentle reminder of places that can grow from your recently added content

  • Updating the project website to include more details about the philosophy, design, and thinking around the project and how we envision it growing

  • Competitive and secondary research reporting that we can publish that shares our insights and findings on how people think about recall and note-taking

  • Understanding how to evaluate and generate personal insights outside of the chat interface model

  • Exploring a social layer to easily distill and share insights within a trusted network of people

Follow along with us on our GitHub repo - we’d love to see you there!